Student testimonial

Ika Rachmawati Suratno on her internship at Permian Global Research Ltd in London, United Kingdom

Ika Rachmawati Suratno did her internship at Permian Global Research Ltd in London United Kingdom from April to August 2017.

I changed my perspective about REDD+ initiative led by the private sector
Ika Rachmawati Suratno

I did four months internship (April- August 2017) with the science team of Permian Global Research, Ltd in London, United Kingdom. Permian Global is an investment company that is committed to responsible investment into the highest environmental and social standards projects to mitigate climate change, providing socioeconomic and long-term biodiversity benefits.

“I changed my perspective about REDD+ initiative led by the private sector. I overly enjoy working with witty yet professional and environmental committed colleagues. After all, who can resist living in the most cosmopolitan city in the world which always stands together.  Londoners know how to celebrate everything, including the weather!”

How I got this internship opportunity?

I never thought this opportunity came in the unexpected place and time. To be exact on one cloudy morning in December in the middle of Katingan forest where I stayed for master thesis data collection. I was doing bird watching with one of the Permian Global staff which visited of their project area. Small talk that morning sparked an idea to do an internship and followed up professionally by London office. I had stayed for three months in the Katingan ER Project area, and I thought it would be great if I can learn the complete loop from the forest project management and how it is financed in London office. Then I decided to grab this golden chance. I believe this opportunity will lead me to open another golden door!

What had I done during the internship?

My internship focus on a literature review of theory and best practices for behaviour change in waste management since Permian Global wanted to produce an applicable scenario for their project in Kalimantan. Broader than the internship project, I learned about the project management of carbon trading- based ecosystem restoration. I joined the international meeting and project review meeting every Monday and Wednesday to understand thoroughly about the project management. I also talked with most of the team to understand their roles and responsibilities in the project. And of course, social drink with colleagues every Friday evening to know them more personally.

My personal experience

I never expect to enjoy staying in London, the metropolitan city with other 8,787,892 peoples because I used to live in the forest and nature closely. Moreover, I am stereotyping all metropolitan cities with Jakarta before. Nevertheless, London stole my heart with its diverse culture, creeds and their witty banter. London is special; it has the largest urban forest as 47 % of it is green space. There is more than 300 languages spoken here, 900 bookstores, more than 4500 clubs and bar and more than 30.000 music festival every year are conducted here. Therefore, I never run out of idea to enjoy London

I was sceptical on carbon trading REDD that is done by private sector. I am always hesitant that the private sectors genuinely care about environment and community’s benefit other than profit. But working in Permian Global changes my perspective. The environment committed, and competent team in the field and robust financial model of investment make sure that climate, biodiversity and community standard are granted.