Alumnus testimonial

In Wageningen I always felt at home

In a world that grows and globalises every day, it is always good to broaden your view and take the decision to study abroad. The University of Wageningen is an ideal place to study, not only because it is a prestigious and internationally known university, but also because it is a small multicultural niche that makes it possible to meet people from all over the world and thus getting into contact with other cultures.

The knowledge aquired at Wageningen University has been very benificial for my understanding of the Food Industry
Luis Palicio

My name is Luis Palicio, and between 2012 and 2014 I studied for my MSc programme in Food Quality Management at the University of Wageningen. To me, this was an utterly positive experience. At an academic level, Wageningen offered practical education, which is very useful in a future professional career. I’ve been working in the United Kingdom for a growing food manufacturer for a year now .Here, the knowledge acquired during my stay in Wageningen has been very positive for my understanding of the food industry.

Even though my time in Wageningen was spent hundreds of kilometres away from Spain, in Wageningen I always felt at home. Wageningen is a small village that in the beginning sometimes seems have less to offer than bigger student cities. Nonetheless the student community of Wageningen, especially the presence of people from all the corners of the world, makes this little town a very special place. This made my stay in Wageningen an enriching experience from both an academic and personal point of view.

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