"In the master I really like the fact that you can choose a lot of courses by yourself."

Stella did her Bachelor in Psychology at the university of Groningen. “I always thought that I wanted to become a clinical psychologist, but during my bachelor I discovered that this was nothing for me. In Groningen there are a lot of psychology masters, but since I didn’t want to become a psychologist anymore, I started to look around for masters at other universities. In this way I came across the master Health and Society at the University of Wageningen”.

Health has always had my interest, so this master seemed perfect to me. There are a lot of people with different backgrounds in the master, also international students. The courses contain a lot of group work, in this way you can learn from each other’s background and knowledge. In the master I really like the fact that you can choose a lot of courses by yourself. In this way every student can choose courses of their interests. Since I find physical health really interesting, I am looking forward to the course ‘General Medicine’. For the master I also moved from Groningen to Wageningen. I really enjoy living in Wageningen. Although it is a city, it feels like a village. The environment is really green, the people are nice and the distances are short.

I am still not sure what I want to do after my master. I hope that during this year I can figure out what topics really have my interest. The thesis and internship are good opportunities to gain experience in the fields that I find interesting.