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Luckmore - Programme Manager Rural Emergency Livelihoods

After graduating his master’s International Development Studies, Luckmore worked in a number of different development organisations. Currently he works with Oxfam GB in Myanmar, serving as Programme Manager Rural Emergency Livelihoods.

I have really benefitted from what I learnt in my studies at Wageningen University & Research.

You worked for several development organisations. Can you name them?

“I worked for example for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Atlas Service Corps, Management Systems International and Action Aid.”

What did you do at these organisations?

“I was Youth and Governance Advisor at Action Aid, for example. This job was really diverse. I coached and trained partner organizations and Liberian institutions. This was to help them with providing basic social services in post conflict Liberia. I supported youth development programmes and youth-centered post conflict development. The focus was on youth career development, mentoring & coaching, sexual and reproductive health & rights, youth employment and youth empowerment.”

You currently work for Oxfam GB in Myanmar. Can you describe your role there?

“My function is Programme Manager Rural Emergency Livelihoods. I manage the project team of the ‘Tat Lan Programme’. This programme aims to improve the livelihoods of cyclone affected communities living on the western coast of Myanmar.”

How did your master’s at Wageningen University & Research prepare you for your career?

 “I have really benefitted from what I learnt in my studies at Wageningen University & Research. When working on projects, I am able to draw on the theoretical and practical framework that I have learnt during the study. Wageningen goes beyond education, by creating a group of development specialists whom I am sure will make sound contributions to the field of international development. The large pool of classmates whom I met while at Wageningen have helped me get the necessary contacts when doing work in their countries or related to their thesis research.”

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