Student testimonial

Nicky – MSc Biobased Sciences

Nicky is a Dutch student from the nice town of Gouda. She did a bachelor in Life Sciences and Technology at Delft and after that, she worked for a laboratory. She had already done her Minor in Plant Biotechnology at Wageningen University so for her it was an easy choice to come back for her Masters as she already knew the quality education at the university.

I want to contribute to a more sustainable, social and environmentally friendly world.

“My name is Nicky and I am 24 years old. I grew up in Gouda, the city which is known for its cheese and syrup waffles. After high school, I moved to Delft where I did my Bachelor in Life Science and Technology at the Technical University. After graduation, I worked for one year in a laboratory and then came to Wageningen to continue with my Master”.

Why did you choose to study at Wageningen University?
“I came to Wageningen because I already knew the university and the city since I did my minor here in Plant Biotechnology. I really like the environmental approach and applications of the Biobased Sciences programme.  Also, the interdisciplinary aspect of combining technology with the environment, economy and society was important for me. The education level here is perfectly matching the level of my previous university in Delft and the interdisciplinary focus of Wageningen is a large contribution to obtain a more realistic view”.

How do you experience the student life in Wageningen?
“Next to studying, I like running, especially because you can do it outside while enjoying nature. Furthermore, I like singing jazz and in Delft, I sang in a band so I hope I can also form a band here in Wageningen. Together with my father, I am also trying to set up a small company to make hair ties from recycled plastic or to make them biodegradable. Wageningen and Delft are quite different from each other, especially nature and the city centre. Wageningen is greener and there are more opportunities to walk or cycle, for example in ‘De Blauwe Kamer’ and at the ‘Wageningse berg’. It is also quieter in the city centre, especially during the weekend”.

Do you have any long-term education goals?
“After graduation, I would like to do a PhD in Environmental Technology at Wageningen University. This also depends on my Master thesis, which I want to do in the same chair group. I am interested in resource recovery, for example, the phosphorous cycle. For my internship, I am not sure of what I would like to do but probably I will go abroad. After my PhD, I would like to work for a company to have a different experience than the academic world”.

“The most important is that my future job should give me energy and I need to enjoy it.”