Student testimonial

Nidhi Raina on her internship at UNESCO-IHE, Delft

Nidhi Raina did her internship at UNESCO-IHE, Delft, the Netherlands from April to August 2017.

It helped me realise my potential as an environmental systems analyst and use my skills to good use.
Nidhi Raina

This internship was a window of opportunity for me to gain knowledge about the idea of ‘Nature based solutions’ and especially about the upcoming concept of ‘Building with Nature’. ‘Nature-based solution’ (NbS) is a relatively new concept that incorporates the idea of sustainable use of nature and natural processes to meet the various environmental, social, and economic challenges of today’s world. I was involved in two projects: co-authoring a short paper on evolution of different approaches of nature based solutions and organising a summer course on nature based solutions for water management. Through my projects, I realised the advantages of nature based solutions over traditional approaches which would encourage sustainable and resilient cities in harmony with nature, especially in the wake of climate change. I also got first-hand experience of working in a multi-stakeholder environment, thus I could witness how environmental projects are handled efficiently.

The Institute

Based in Delft, the Netherlands, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is the world’s largest international graduate water education facility. Since 1957, the Institute has provided graduate education to more than 15,000 water professionals from over 162 countries. Besides education, UNESCO-IHE also plays an important role in finding solutions for sustainable management of water and environment through research and capacity development of institutes and organizations in the developing world.

Working at IHE Delft was very refreshing experience since I got to be a part of international organisation and see how they work and communicate with other stakeholders like policy makers, corporates, educationists, etc. This helped me realise my potential as an environmental systems analyst and use my skills to good use.

How to Apply

Applying to IHE Delft is very easy. You can check the IHE website for its different departments and the projects within it. Once you have shortlisted some interesting projects, just write to the department head(s) about your expertise and interests and why you want to work in that department. When I had applied, I was shortlisted for two different departments and I chose the WSE department.