Student testimonial

Shahanaj Rahman on her internship at the Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation

Shahanaj Rahman did her internship at the Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation in 2018.

I have done my internship in my home country
Shahanaj Rahman

The Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which is committed to improve air quality by introducing improved cookstoves. This was a grass-roots initiative which was established in March 2015. The improved cookstoves (ICS) component currently focuses on the support of small and medium-sized enterprises that produce and sell improved cookstoves with chimneys (Bondhu Chula) for benefit of low-income households throughout Bangladesh.

Main Vision of BBF

The vision of Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation is to contribute towards environment- friendly and human development of Bangladesh.

Mission of BBF

 The main mission of Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation is to undertake activities.

  • Transformational change in the cooking sector as soon as possible
  • Replacement of all traditional stoves (27 million households by 2030)
  • Contribution to reducing GHG by 50 million per year

My project goals

My project goals were:

  • To get an overall knowledge of Improved cooked stoves and study existing opportunities for use and sales for Improved cooked stoves in Bangladesh.
  • Find out the challenges and possible future perspectives by using local knowledge and experiences.
  • To calculate Emission Reduction Potential from total existing improved cooked stoves.
  • Find out the advantages and disadvantages of using improved cooked stoves.

Personal experience

As I have done my internship in my home country, I was little excited to work with a new organization. The working environment was really friendly. I have learned and experienced a lot of things during my short period of staying. I have enjoyed to work with the Bangladesh Bondhu foundation. I have gained experience on Indoor air pollution, Improved cooked stoves and project management. If you are interested to do your internship on Improved cooked stoves and Indoor air pollution with Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation, you can contact via the following website and email.

Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation website:


Language: Here people usually speak Bangla, but the officials in this organization can speak English. Although here people don’t speak in English fluently. However language is not a barrier in the working environment.

Living expenses, food and weather: People in Bangladesh are very friendly and hospitable to others traditionally. Living expenses and food is cheap compared with other cities. This country is recognized with six seasons with a tropical monsoon climate. So before visit here students should give attention to the weather forecast.