Student testimonial

Student Denise - MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Heritage Management. After my Bachelor’s graduation, I struggled with choosing my future studies in either urban/landscape planning or leisure/tourism. Finally I decided to have a tourism study first, because it is more dynamic and closely related to our contemporary society. The reason I chose this program is because I think this program can facilitate me to get a better insight into the tourism industry. Furthermore, I choose to come to Wageningen for an overseas learning experience.

Starting from day one, we had to read many articles and learn many theories.

The program

To be honest, my first impression of this program is the heavy study load. Starting from day one, we had to read many articles and learn many theories. Some articles are very theoretical and hard to understand. Besides, European and African cases are most commonly used as case studies in different lectures. Because I am not very familiar with such European and African contexts, even such case studies alone were challenging at times.

A master study is different from a bachelor study. It takes time to get used to study in a master program like this one. After a few weeks I nevertheless got better to handle the study load and started to enjoy the program fully. Our class-size is relatively small with only 30 people in class. This kind of setting provides an opportunity to fully communicate with lecturers and classmates and get to know each other well. You can experience a very international study environment. For example, I am now working on a group project with 5 people but we came from 4 different countries. Having a group discussion and culture chatting with my international classmates is one of the things I appreciate.

Experience of Wageningen

It is my ninth month in Wageningen now. Wageningen is a quiet, lovely and safe place. Wageningen is very convenient and you can easily buy everything you need here. For Asian students, there are few stores in town selling Asian seasoning. And you can also find some Asian food in the supermarkets. So you don’t need to worry about the ‘taste of home’. But be aware of the closing time of shops. In general, shops  close at 18:00 and supermarkets close a little later. And there are many shops that close on Sunday. Furthermore, there are several green spaces in Wageningen. You can have a nice picnic, BBQ or even a drink with friends during a sunny day.

Future plans/ambitions

I travel a lot in Europe since my arrival here. The first thing I’ll do after graduation, is to record and organize my travel photos and notes.

Recommendations for future students

Although the program is challenging, do not give up easily. And do not hesitate to ask your lecturers and classmates for help. As for the social life here, try to make (international) friends rather than only hang out with people from your own nationality. If you are coming from outside Europe, please travel as much as you can. It is worth it!