Student experience - Eva - University College

Bachelor: Major: Science - Health, mainly neuroscience and nutrition (Amsterdam University College)
Master: Nutrition and Health - Specialisation: B - Nutritional Physiology and Health status.

I also came to Wageningen because the WUR has a good reputation for nutrition sciences.

Choosing for Nutrition and Health

At AUC, I have studied a lot of different health-related courses, and was never sure what exactly I wanted to do with it. I still liked AUC a lot, because it gave me the freedom to combine different fields of my interests, for example nutrition and cognitive neuroscience. During my internship at a neuroscience research department, I discovered that I actually wanted to focus more on applying science to society. This was one of the most important reasons for me to choose Nutrition and Health at the WUR, because here I could learn a lot of theory about nutrition but I also learn to apply it.

I also came to Wageningen because the WUR has a good reputation for nutrition sciences. When I studied in Montreal for a semester, my Canadian teacher even recommended me to go to Wageningen!

Experiences in Wageningen

Even though I have only started in Wageningen a few weeks ago, I already feel that my choice was the right one. I now take courses with about 200 students instead of 25, but the teachers are skilled and we also do a lot of group work, guided by a tutor. I like that my courses are in English and that there are many international students and students from different backgrounds. I was used to a lot of writing and presenting in English at AUC, and have noticed that this is really an advantage compared to students from regular Dutch bachelor programmes.

The university is quite flexible with choosing courses, and my study coaches have helped me to select courses that are good for my background. That way, I am going to catch up some extra statistics which I didn’t do in my bachelor yet, but there’s still enough room for elective courses and no need to do a pre-master.

Future career

I look forward to the rest of the courses this year, and will soon start thinking about what kind of thesis and internship I want to do. I have already heard of a lot of interesting projects and businesses here at the WUR and around Wageningen, so it will probably not be a problem to find something I like. It’s great to notice that I really am at the place where a lot of research and business in my field of study takes place.