Student testimonial

Studying at Wageningen University is a unique privilege

My name is Jose Luis Ruiz from Colombia. Studying at Wageningen University was not only an extraordinary opportunity but also a unique privilege.

Studying at Wageningen University can be crucial for your academic and professional career.

Why? Well, among many other facts, Wageningen University is a “heavyweight class” institution in many fields of science. It ranks very high among the top world universities, as high as the top 5 in the life sciences field. In my particular field of study, there is virtually no renowned expert in the world who does not know about the outstanding quality of this university and its researchers. Therefore, studying at Wageningen University can be crucial for your academic and professional career.

Doing the MSc programme in Environmental Sciences gave me a sound knowledge in Environmental technology and Mathematical modelling for environmental pollution control. After that, I applied for a Doctoral fellowship at a renowned university in China, and I can tell that my Wageningen background acted as the spearhead of my successful application.

But don’t you worry, student life at Wageningen is not only about hardcore science, top-quality research facilities and world-famous professors. Our university knows how to meet its students’ needs, so daily life is also enriched by cultural, sportive and other diverse activities, as well as by people from all over the world. It’s no wonder that it also ranks as the favourite university in The Netherlands. Well, for South Americans like me, chilly Dutch weather may be a challenge. But actually, it’s not a big deal since there is a perfectly working heating system and plenty of warm and gentle people wherever you go.

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