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Testimonial Charlotte Hijmans

My time at the Laboratory of Nematology
For my thesis research, I chose the Laboratory of Nematology as my working space. I had already met my supervisor and her research before, and I found that I was very much interested in the biotechnological aspects concerning the subject of the research.

Charlotte Hijmans
“ I regret it came already to an end”
Charlotte Hijmans

The subject of my research, was the functional characterization of the plant host protein Ri-07 and its effect on the potato Rx1 receptor in defense against Potato Virus X. Here, we investigated the effect of the expression of Ri-07 on Rx1 transcript levels. Throughout this research, there was a pleasant amount of guidance and feedback; I was able to perform my own experiments, but when help was needed, my supervisor was always available. Furthermore, fellow students and lab technicians were always helpful when things were difficult or (threatening to) go the wrong way.

While writing everything from the proposal to the thesis report, there was a nice way to get peer reviews; thesis rings were held once a week to discuss aspects of the given file that were liked or could be improved. I found that it was very helpful with my writing.

Overall, there were a lot of opportunities to practice your skills, reports and presentations, which was very useful before submitting final versions.

The atmosphere at Nematology was overall very relaxed; it was formal when and where necessary, but there was always time for casual conversations and fun times.  I definitely improved my lab skills and knowledge here, and deeply regret that it has already come to an end. It was one of the most exciting and interesting, although sometimes stressful, moments of my bachelor. I would recommend doing a thesis here to everyone, as it will certainly be a great experience!