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Testimonial Diecke de Ronde

In the third year of my bachelor biology, I did my bachelor thesis at the department of Nematology, at the LMA lab. I worked on the optimization of cytokine production in plants, looking for a way to purify the plant-produced proteins when they were fused with a purification-tag.

I think I’ve never learned so much in such a short time
Diecke de Ronde

February 2010

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Lotte Westerhof and Arjen Schots were my supervisors, but actually, everyone of the LMA-lab was willingly to answer my questions and help me with the difficulties I encountered. The three months I worked in this group were very instructive for me. I think I’ve never learned so much in such a short time. I read and wrote articles, had to work independently, learned how to use several laboratory techniques, how to interpret my results and how to make conclusions. I enjoyed my work, not at least because of the enthusiasm of my supervisors. Some of my  promising results were not only exciting for me, but also for Lotte and Ruud.

The department of nematology was a nice place to work for me, thanks to the helping hand of staff members and interest in my topic. It was a good experience to work in this part of science.