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Testimonial Imie Nieuwland

My name is Imie, and for my bachelor Biology I did a thesis at the department of Nematology. I researched immune modulating properties of Bm-VAL-1, a protein produced by a human parasitic nematode.

My stay at nematology was, so to say, remarkable
Imie Nieuwland

May 2016

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My stay at nematology was, so to say, remarkable. For some reason, I seemed to be very unlucky in performing research. However, I can say that I learned a lot: from skills in the lab to giving and receiving feedback in the so-called ‘thesis rings’. I very much enjoyed my stay at the department. Nematology (or ‘Nema’ for insiders) is almost like a family. The coffee breaks and lunches were always ‘gezellig’, especially when someone brought cake (which is often!), and I can say it was really fun.