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Testimonial Jie Liu

During my thesis project in the Department of Nematology, I explored the effect of sex on the immune response against Orsay virus in C. elegans. This was an interesting and challenging project. I learned a lot after conducting this project.

my supervisor let me design my own experiment
Jie Liu

April 2018

The Department of Nematology has well-equipped facilities in both lab and office. It also has an efficient working system that makes everything to be conducted smoothly. The people in the group are very friendly and always willing to help me in the lab or writing the report. I learned new techniques and knowledge that I had never learned in the courses.

What impressed me most was that my supervisor let me design my own experiment strategy and encouraged me to test all the other ideas I had during the experiment. This made me feel valuable in the project. I believe creativity is crucial for my future study as a scientist and I appreciate that my group for giving me the chance to practice for it.

In conclude, I enjoyed working in the Department of Nematology very much. And I would like to work here again if there is a chance in the future.