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Testimonial Koen van Zwet

As this was my bachelor thesis, this was my first contact with doing my own research, outside of courses with predetermined outcomes. It took some time to adjust, but the environment at nematology is very much suited to learn quickly. You get feedback from your supervisors, but also from weekly meetings where people can present their progress and thesis rings. These thesis rings are groups of bachelor and master students where you can get feedback on your proposal or report, greatly improving your writing skills.

Koen van Zwet
... a great environment for learning and improving
Koen van Zwet

My project looked at combining heat-shock and virus infection in Caenorhabditis elegans to investigate the link between the pathways underlying the molecular response. To do this I came in contact with a host of new techniques, both in the lab and in analysis. In both cases there were plenty of people willing to help wherever help was needed.

However, while nematology is a great environment for learning and improving, what I liked most was the atmosphere. The bond between everyone is great, and plenty of activities are undertaken to ensure it stays that way. The activities I had the pleasure to partake in were a trip in and around Wageningen to sample for C. elegans and the famous Christmas lunch, which I can only highly recommend.