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Testimonial Mandy Ravensbergen

My name is Mandy Ravensbergen and for a period of four months I did a minor thesis for my MSc Plant Biotechnology at Nematology. In my project I optimised a Virus Induced Gene Silencing assay for a diploid potato genotype used in the lab.

... the people in the department keep an eye out for you to aid you when necessary...
Mandy Ravensbergen

January 2017

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Preliminary results show that through this assay, both gene and host factor functions can be directly analysed. Therefore, this method can be employed in further research on for example factors involved in susceptibility and resistance of potato to the cyst nematode Globodera pallida. I truly learned a lot during my thesis at Nematology, especially from Aska Goverse. She acted not only as my supervisor but also found the time to talk with me about other things, like the benefits of and competences required for doing a PhD. I really appreciated this and the time she took for me. I also found that the people in the department keep an eye out for you to aid you when necessary, for example if they can help you with a technique. There was not only a great learning environment, but the people were also very nice, making the whole nematology-experience one to never forget and forever cherish.  Combined with the warm atmosphere within the department and the many delicious cakes, it is no wonder I really enjoyed my stay at Nematology