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Testimonial Mara Meisenburg

I recently finished my MSc thesis at the department of Nematology. My time there was really enjoyable. The people working at Nematology are really nice and direct, which I like a lot.

They treated me as a colleague and not as just-another student
Mara Meisenburg

December 2016

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They treated me as a colleague and not as just-another student. Also many of the people there showed interest in my project. As a student you always could join the department activities. Moreover, Nematology has the so called “thesis ring”, in which students check other students’ reports. Here, you actually learn how to write a nice report, how to pay attention to all the small details of your report, and how to give and receive feedback. But the main reason why my time was so enjoyable was that the department knows how to deal with new students. When I had to start working in the lab, I had someone who would go with me through all the techniques, until I could do them on my own. Also, I always could ask everyone for help, and they would take the time to answer my questions. During my whole thesis, I never felt lost.