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Testimonial Marèl Scholten

Before starting my Bachelor thesis, I had no clue what to expect. Four months later, after finishing my bachelor thesis at the laboratory of Nematology, I can truly say I learned a lot. It was the first time doing my own research, instead of a course practical where everything goes as you want.

Marèl Scholten
I can really recommend doing your thesis at Nematology
Marèl Scholten

Researchers found that the model organism C. elegans shows different susceptibilities towards the Orsay virus. The aim of my project was to determine the gene expression levels of part of a group of genes, called the pals-genes, which may play a role in the differences in viral susceptibilities between males and hermaphrodites C. elegans.

Being part of ongoing research was exciting and challenging in the beginning. Everyone at Nematology is happy to help you and really supportive. This really helped me to get comfortable really quick. Besides of doing the research, I really enjoyed all the coffee breaks and good talks. All in all, I can really recommend doing your thesis at Nematology if you are looking for an opportunity to learn a lot, do research independently, with amazing supervision.