Student testimonial

Testimonial Marijke van Wijk

Starting a BSc thesis can feel like you’re being thrown into a black hole. However I didn’t really see this pit at nematology. All the people at nematology are extremely helpful and especially my supervisor. She helped me starting up, taught me all the lab techniques and gave me feedback when I needed it.

“I learned much more”
Marijke van Wijk

February 2017

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My project was to investigate susceptibility of genetically different isolates of C. elegans to Orsay virus. Although this thesis was part of a bigger whole, it really felt like my project, and knowing that I contributed to continuous research gave me a kick!

Besides learning the practical and theoretical sides of worm biology, I learned much more. At our weekly meeting with my supervisor and her students we discussed papers, or techniques, we even learned to program in R. In the weekly colloquia I was able to get a peek into other research.

Not only serious stuff happens at Nematology! There was pie at least once a week (often homemade); Christmas lunch, geeky funny jokes and conversations; coffee on the terrace when the sun was shining:-)