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Testimonial: Marjolein Dijkema

My time at nematology
During my time at nematology, I have tried to make RNase and N-glycan knock-outs of the Schistosoma mansoni protein omega-1.

'The organization is clear, there are many computers which you can use and you have your own place in the lab’
Marjolein Dijkema

August 2016

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Even though labwork had it ups and downs, I have experienced the five months I have been able to join nematology as very pleasant. The organization is clear, many computers which you can use, you have your own place in the lab and the thesis rings worked for me pretty well to improve my report. And of course, many people whom I have got to know and could have fun with made it such a joyful experience. The whole atmosphere was nice and I am happy I was able to join you for a short period of time. Without all of you, my quest to make knock-out omega-1 proteins would not have been such a great adventure!