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Testimonial Mushfiqur Rahman Khan

I had been studying here in Wageningen UR as a research student for the last five months under the umbrella of EUMAINE (European Master of Science in Nematology) program.

I can simply refer my time here as “working with joy”
Mushfiqur Rahman Khan

July 2011

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I worked with venom allergen-like proteins (VAPs) to understand the underlying role of nematode VAPs in plant parasitism in the Laboratory of Nematology with Dr. Geert Smant and Jose Lozano Torres. I am really pleased with the excellent working environment and facilities available here. I found each and everybody to be helpful and sincere. I can simply refer my time here as “working with joy.” I learnt many things while working with my research group and apart from this I also felt the typical Dutchness of people living here. I am impressed with and I do appreciate the collaborative behaviour and professionalism of everyone working in this university.

For research, I can say, this is one of the best universities of the world. I enjoyed working here and it will remain as a great memory of my life.