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Testimonial Ruud Peters

In the 5th and second part of the 6th period (2011) I worked at the Laboratory of Nematology under supervision of Arjen Schots and Jan van Velde. During this period I wrote my BSc thesis about the immune modulatory effects of mushrooms.

... immunomodulatory effects of mushroom compounds
Ruud Peters

October 2011

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Wanting to know more about the immune system, and having done my specialisation in molecular biology, I made an appointment with Geert Smant to do a Bsc Thesis on the modulation of Toll-like receptors by VAPs. Since the subject was already covered by Leroy Versteeg and my primary interest was in immunology Geert directly introduced me to Arjen Schots. He informed me about the project Jan van Velde was working on: immunomodulatory effects of mushroom compounds.
I am glad that I was given this opportunity, not only because the subject was very interesting but also because of the people in the chair group. There was always someone to lend a helping hand, for instance; Arjen who gave good advices on how to write a thesis; Jan who shared his vision on future prospects, which helped me to think beyond the theory and Debbie who more than once took loads of work out of my hands, when I had a lot to do.
All in all I would recommend anyone, whose interests in some way overlap with the Laboratory of Nematology, to spend time studying at the chair group.