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Testimonial Wannes Tacken

Doing my thesis at the laboratory of nematology was one of the best choices I made during my bachelor, I really enjoyed my time working here and learned a lot from it in the process. I always was interested in nematodes. But during the bachelor courses the information about this topic was not very in-depth, so I took the opportunity to do my thesis here. After a very nice introduction by Ava, I chose the subject for my thesis and started out.

Wannes Tacken
'working at the laboratory of nematology was a great experience’
Wannes Tacken

I worked on the interaction between the nematode effector protein MiL648 and Arabidopsis OPR2 gene. The aim of my research was to test the interaction between the aforementioned proteins by making a construct containing the OPR2 gene and co-expressing it in plant material together with a construct containing the MiL648 gene. From the transgenic leaf material of these plants the physical binding between the two proteins can then be assessed by using a Co-immunoprecipitation assay. This interaction is of importance in understanding the infectivity of plant parasitic nematode Meloidogyne incognita.

I was very motivated during my research because of the nice relaxed atmosphere in the lab and everyone was very helpful and supportive. My supervisor especially challenged me to really work hard and that payed off, because I achieved a lot more things in my research that were originally planned. All in all I can say that working at the laboratory of nematology was a great experience and one of the best times I’ve had during my bachelor, I highly recommend doing your thesis here.