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Testimonial Willem de Jong

For me, the thesis I was working on, was new ground to cover. After all my years learning about resistance, tolerance proved to be a rather peculiar one. The lack of knowledge in this field mad the challenge even greater.

Willem de Jong
... new ground to cover
Willem de Jong

Under supervision of Jaap-Jan I studied the role of TCP9 and TCP20 during plant-nematode interactions. As this is the last project I do in my bachelor, it has proven to be a very useful experience before I’ll start my masters. Doing the bachelors thesis at the laboratory of nematology will not only gain you the needed experience in the lab. It will also offer you the freedom to explore your self-interest.

Being able to do your thesis in the most prominent laboratory in its field of work, was a great honour. Moreover, the openness and kindness of the people made this a nice environment to work in. You’ll be taken seriously, which will stimulate your willingness to make something great out of your time here. In the work meetings, you are slightly tested and gain some nice feedback. Furthermore, he collaboration between the students in thesis rings, but also personal, made this a great experience.

To conclude, I would recommend anybody, who is willing to put some effort in their thesis, and learn about host-pathogen interactions to do your thesis at the laboratory of nematology.