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Testimonial Yuqing Huang

For the purpose of studying the application of CRISPR-Cas9 system in gene editing, I did my MSc thesis at the lab of Nematology for the past six months. My topic was to optimize the experimental conditions of CRISPR-Cas9 system, and apply this novel technique for knocking out cul-6 gene in C. elegans to dissect the function of cul-6 gene in the C. elegans-Orsay virus interaction.

I acquired a lot especially on how to become an independent scientific researcher
Yuqing Huang

March 2017


In terms of professional skills, I acquired a lot especially on how to become an independent scientific researcher. During the process, my supervisors Lisa and Jan gave me important support and guidance. It became clearer to me how to plan the procedure, to arrange daily experiment, to sum up the result from previous experiment, and what is expected after a certain experimental stage. The weekly thesis ring meeting, Orsay meeting and worm meeting were helpful as well, as you are able to share your experimental data, or raise questions and provide feedback. Group members would discuss about the conclusion, or share their experience on your question. For instance, I learned to change the percentage of agar in gel to improve efficiency on visualizing small bands from Joost.  

In the aspect of daily life, I really enjoy the warm atmosphere in the lab. Everyone is friendly and always ready to help. Cakes at coffee break also provide a relaxing time. Colorful activities leave wonderful memories for me, like lab outing, sampling trip and Christmas lunch. Thanks to the lab of Nematology, I experienced an unforgettable master thesis.