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Testimonial Ziwei Wang

Over the last 7 months, I have been doing the project “Production and functional assessment of plant-produced helminth VAL/ASP proteins” as my master thesis in Nematology laboratory. This project is about producing the proteins secreted by parasitic nematodes in plants. These proteins are thought to function to reduce allergies or autoimmune reactions in the human body.

What impressed me most is people in this lab can work hard while still they can enjoy their life
Ziwei Wang

May 2011

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Before I decided to do my thesis in Nematology, I did not have any images in my mind about this laboratory. However, after a few days in Nematology I have found myself in a typical Dutch laboratory. In the first two weeks, I was trying to adjust myself to the “Dutch way” both in the lab and in the coffee room. What impressed me most is people in this lab can work hard while still they can enjoy their life. I would not forget how people are punctual in the coffee break time, the very Dutch and very interesting Sinterklaas party, and of course the famous Christmas lunch.  

The workplace in Nematology is quite pleasant and everyone in the lab is willing to help. I have gained a lot of skills and learned a lot of techniques in this lab, I really appreciate my supervisor Arjen Schots who provided me the opportunity to work in Nematology lab and those people who helped me during my work in lab or offered me help with other aspects. In a few words, Nematology is a typical Dutch but international-friendly place, it has fantastic equipment and faculty who will assist you with your research. When I have started my new journey on the other side of the world and looking back the past 7 months I have been in Nematology, there are so many enjoyable and fruitful memories left. I feel Nematology laboratory like family!