Alumnus testimonial

“The different courses allow me to connect different fields of science to health issues.”

Yvette did her Bachelor in Art Therapy at a university of applied science in The Netherlands. "When I finished my Bachelor I wanted to enhance my theoretical background and get a more in depth knowledge on health related topics. I visited several universities and Wageningen appealed to me most."

Wageningen appealed to me most.

I started with a linkage programme to meet up university level. It mainly contains research and statistical courses. When I finished this programme I was able to follow Master courses. The courses are set up in a clear way. By writing papers or doing group assignments you get an inclusive picture of relevant issues. The different courses allow me to connect different fields of science to health issues. It does not merely focus on disease, but it puts health in a broader perspective. Quite some part of the programme is not fixed, so you can create your own curriculum according to your own interest. Personally, I am especially interested in mental health, communication and the relation between well-being and the environment. Therefore I choose to take courses addressing these themes.

Soon I will start writing my thesis. I will research the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary programme aimed at employers and employees with stress-related problems such as overwrought and burnout. Then I will start my internship, but I still have to figure out where I want to do this.

After my graduation I hope to find a job in mental healthcare. Eventually, maybe in ten or twenty years, I would like to have my own mental healthcare practice.