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The story of Adita Fuentes

My name is Adita Fuentes. I am from Peru and I am very proud to say I hold a master's degree in Food Technology (with a specialization in Food Innovation and Management).

There is a popular latin club where all the students go after the bars close.

I chose Wageningen because of its good reputation and I can now say I made the right decision. Wageningen was one of the best experiences in my life. I remember that I struggled a bit with the study in the beginning. But after a few months, I got used to the education system.

The student atmosphere is just great. Teachers are friendly and easy to approach and in general Dutch people are helpful.

Almost everybody speaks English, so communication was never a problem. Wageningen is a nice, safe and small city that has everything I needed as a student. There is a nice sports center, a cinema, pubs and a popular latin club where all the students go after the bars close. So I never missed the latin music because I could dance there in the weekends.

Of course, as a former student of Wageningen University, I recommend this university. It not only enhances your knowledge as a professional, but it also gives you good job opportunities afterwards and enriches you as a person.

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