Student testimonial

The story of Ana Paez from Mexico

My name is Ana Paez, and I am from Mexico. Before coming to Wageningen, I studied in Monterrey; at one of the biggest universities in Latin America. At a university which is known for its extensive extracurricular activities and many study exchange programs. After finishing my study Food Engineering in Mexico, I wanted to take a new academic step in my career to prepare myself for the real world.

I will never forget what this journey brought me.

I have always been interested in dairy science. The Netherlands is a great place to study dairy science, so it was not a surprise to stumble upon the dairy master programme in Wageningen. Here, I was especially impressed by the number of inventions and amount of research around this topic.

I knew almost nothing about the Netherlands. The only thing I knew was a Spanish ice cream brand called “Holanda”, as well as the basic clichés. Five years later I know a lot more. I will never forget what this journey brought me. I had the opportunity to meet many people with different backgrounds. I thought I had an international 'panorama' by coming from a big university, but looking back I still had many things to learn.

I discovered many things: how similar the Balkan culture is to the Mexican culture, how funny and positive Indian people are, how structured and confident French people are, and how genuine and smart Indonesian people are - the list goes on and on... We all had one big thing in common: we wanted to study for our master and graduate!

You will discover many things along the way by studying in the Netherlands. Dutch people are hardworking, think ahead, ask the right questions, appreciate their personal time, are aware of their history and are never afraid of a challenge. These qualities will keep you moving forward, and this was something I was able to experience by coming here.

Studying in Wageningen not only taught me about the amazing world of milk and processing but also about the world in general, something I only could achieve by coming to Wageningen University.

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