Student testimonial

The story of Jose Alberto Gaona in Wageningen

Jose Alberto Gaona attended his Master programme International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University. Read his story here.

Most probably the best professors in your field of work are here. You should absorb as much as you can!

Colombia is facing a critical socio-ecological situation, exacerbated by drastic climatic changes floods and droughts. I wish to give my contribution to the Colombian situation in responding to these challenges with long-term strategies based on sound, scientific and holistic approaches to decision-making. My motivation to attend the Programme on International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University was to enrich my personal and educational background with solid knowledge on integrated water resources management in view of returning these to my home country and Latin American region.

I did my internship in UNESCO headquarters in Paris and now I am a consultant for UNESCO-IHP based in Paris. Applying in eco-hydrological and groundwater projects the theory I had learn during the MSc. I strongly recommend Wageningen University for people coming from South America.

Nevertheless, weather issues like lack of sun and temperatures below zero for long periods of time were not the only thing on my mind. Friends and new academic knowledge are always a good excuse to forget for a while about these extreme weather conditions for a person coming from a tropical country.

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