Student testimonial

Thijs Burgers on this internship at Stichting Platform Bio-Energie

Thijs Burgers did his internship at Stichting Platform Bio-Energie, the Netherlands in 2015.

I created actions to stimulate the bio-energy sector in The Netherlands
Thijs Burgers

I did my internship at the end of my master study. The last four months of that year I worked for the organization Stichting Platform Bio-Energie. The core business of this non-profit organization is to stimulate bio-energy as a sustainable energy source in the Netherlands. At this moment the organization has 32 donors/sponsors with different backgrounds. From big energy producer companies in The Netherlands to small consultancy companies that would like to participate as an active member in this organization.

My organization was one of the members that signed our National Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth in September 2013. With other societal organizations and the government itself it created our national goal to reach a sustainable energy level of 14% in 2020, this amount will even grow to 16% in 2025. Because bio-energy can play a major role in this transition the organization was collaborating with other organizations to sign this agreement.

My role in this organization was to inform the members of this organization about our National Energy Agreement. Even more precisely about how bio-energy can play an important role in these targets. At this moment concrete actions are lacking due to uncertainty in the market. This uncertainty is caused by a lack of long term targets and regulations from the Dutch government. So the members gave me a lot of input that could be used to formulate concrete actions to stimulate the bio-energy sector in The Netherlands. So together with my internship supervisors I created some actions, some quite serious already in this stage and some actions for the long term.