Student testimonial

Wieke Hofsteenge on her internship at Eneco

Wieke Hofsteenge did her internship at Eneco, the Netherlands in 2015.

I could contribute to the internal move towards sustainability
Wieke Hofsteenge

Eneco is a Dutch energy company with a clear sustainable mission. Together with its customers and partners, Eneco aims to reach its mission ‘sustainable energy for everyone’. From the start onwards Eneco’s mission was really appealing to me and it was a great experience to contribute to its realisation. During my internship I have been working on different projects together with the two sustainability managers of Eneco. A key project was One Planet Thinking. One Planet Thinking is a method, designed by Eneco, Ecofys and WWF, that links the environmental impacts of a company to the earth’s planetary boundaries. It thereby creates a basis for setting sustainability targets and steering business practises. Within Eneco, One Planet Thinking is used to make the mission measurable and to indicate what is needed to stay within the boundaries of one planet.

One of the great parts of the internship was that I could contribute to the internal move towards sustainability. I hereby used concepts, like Life Cycle Assessment, as discussed during lectures in reality. An internship really gives you the opportunity to put gained theory into practise. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to get to know the organisation, walk along with people and discover what you like. I had many responsibilities, was actively involved in various sustainability projects and had the chance to get to know various business units within Eneco. This all contributed to a great and valuable experience in which I learned a lot regarding content (e.g. key energy knowledge on power, heat and gas) but also regarding skills (e.g. working for a project manager).