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Miguel – MSc Biobased Sciences

Miguel is a master’s student from the Biobased Sciences Programme. For him coming to Wageningen, was a great opportunity to broaden his understanding on how to integrate his previous experience in Biology with other research areas such as economics and social sciences.

’I chose this master's to get a more realistic view of the world, since this master's not only focuses on biology, but also on other research areas, like economics and social sciences.

"I am a 23-year-old student from the master’s programme Biobased Sciences, with a specialisation in Biomass Production and Carbon Capture. Before coming to Wageningen, I lived almost my whole life in Valencia. There I finished my bachelor’s in Biology with a focus in conservation and biodiversity. I really enjoyed this bachelor’s, since biology is one of the most beautiful things to study."

What made you decide to continue with your master’s studies in the Netherlands?
"I decided to come to the Netherlands since I really like the country. Although, the weather is very cold, there are many good social and environmental policies. The choice to study in Wageningen was mainly related to my interest in the Biobased Sciences programme, but also because Wageningen is one of the best universities in the world.

I chose this programme to get a more realistic view of the world, since this master’s is very interdisciplinary and not only focuses on biology but also on other research areas, like economics and social sciences."

How do you enjoy living in Wageningen?
"I like the international and green environment of Wageningen. I enjoy nature and cycling to the nearby forests. One of my hobbies is searching for mushrooms and luckily enough, there are a lot in the Netherlands. It is also nice to see that there are so many international students, this made me feel welcome and it was easy to make new friends."

What do you plan to do in the future?
"Next year I will do both my thesis and internship in the Netherlands. After finishing my studies, I would like to stay working here and develop a scientific career.

My main interest lies in seaweeds, so I would enjoy working in a company that focuses on this topic. This crop has great potential to provide us with new products and chemicals, but there is still very little knowledge about it. Maybe when I have worked for some years, I would like to continue developing my career by doing a PhD."

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