Post-doc systems and control in precision farming

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17 juli 2018
Locatie Wageningen
Expertisegebied Agriculture
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We are looking for

The world is facing interesting challenges in the years to come: a growing population that needs to be fed, combined with labour scarcity in agriculture, limited natural resources (e.g. oil, fresh water, fertilizers) and a growing concern about the environment (a.o. from large scale resource use). Precision Farming addresses these challenges by supporting or automating precise dosage, timing, and allocation of inputs (e.g. fertilizers in arable farming or time varying temperature control in greenhouses). During the past 15 years, the Farm Technology group has built up an extensive and unique portfolio in precision farming ranging from optimal climate control in greenhouses, to precision weed control in arable farming, and to individual health status prediction in livestock farming. The principles of systems and control theory offer solutions with significant impact to a wide range of challenges in Precision Farming. Hence, we wish to further expand our work in this direction.

We are looking for a Post-doc in Precision Farming. In close collaboration with a Tenure Track assistant professor in Precision Farming you will be responsible for the acquisition, implementation and coordination of current research activities in this field. In this position you will connect with the Precision Farming community in science and industry, motivate and supervise PhD and BSc/MSc students, and disseminate results through publication of scientific papers, conferences and project meetings. In your work, emphasis will lie on systems and control, and in particular on development of systems and control algorithms for a wide range of Precision Farming applications. You will apply your expertise to primary agricultural production systems; in the greenhouse, on the field, and in livestock farming. You will be supportive in identifying new research lines and opportunities, and acquisition of new PhD projects. You will start your work with contributing to on-going research in projects on climate and energy control in greenhouse horticulture, livestock health prediction, and integrated pest management in barn and greenhouse, and in assisting in existing and organising new courses in precision farming. You will be working closely together with Prof. Dr. Ir. Eldert van Henten and Asst. Prof. Dr. Ir. Simon van Mourik.

We ask

  • A PhD within, or closely related to, the field of systems and control theory.
  • A Master’s degree in computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, engineering or physics, or related technological science.
  • Proven skills in model development, and experience in software implementation of control algorithms (preferably in Matlab).
  • Knowledge of, or a genuine interest in, the challenges of Precision Farming.
  • A genuine interest in applying your knowledge and expertise within the agricultural domain.
  • A desire to connect with the Precision Farming community in science and industry.
  • Proven scientific ambition, proven performance in scientific publishing (by a number of publications in high-impact journals and conference proceedings), and strong ambition to publish future work.
  • A team player who can work independently and who also communicates well with colleagues.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Hands on experience with statistical methods will be an advantage.
  • Proven (project) leadership skills will be an advantage.
  • Proven project acquisition skills will be an advantage.

We offer

We offer a full-time position (38 hours), initially for two years with the possibility of extension after successful evaluation. In case of a go, the contract can be extended for a maximum of two years. Based on personal performance and available budget, the post-doc position might be continued in a tenure-track position. Gross salary per month is max. € 4.084,- (scale 10) for a fulltime appointment.

More information

For more information you can contact Dr. ir. S. van Mourik ( , +31 (0)317-483328

You can apply up and until September 1, 2018.
For this position you can only apply on line:

Don't email directly to the people mentioned above but use the website to apply.

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