Call for partners | SUS-PRINT: Creating sustainable foods by 3D-printing

SUS-PRINT is a public-private partnership lead by Wageningen Food and Biobased Research in collaboration with TNO. Two world-leading institutions on 3D-food printing. SUS-PRINT will create innovative food structures and products from plant-based, alternative proteins and perishable side streams using 3D-food printing. The use of 3D-food printing offers innovations and possibilities which conventional food processing technologies does not. Within SUS-PRINT we will create the next generation sustainable foods that are also healthy and meets consumer needs.

3D-food printing technologies offer many specific advantages to manufacture foods more sustainably compared with traditional processes. It is a flexible processing technology that may be used for local, on-demand food production which offers new opportunities in logistics and supply chains. It can make attractive, innovative food products based on materials with low technical functionalities, and which are not compatible with conventional processing.

In the last decade 3D food printing evolved as a food manufacturing technology with commercial applications producing innovative food designs, personalized and customized nutrition as well as plant-based meat analogues. SUS-PRINT is a three-year project that will utilize 3D printing technologies to deliver sustainable, customizable food products using plant-based and alternative proteins, and perishable co-products.

Next-generation sustainable foods

SUS-PRINT will fill knowledge gaps and overcome technology hurdles in the application of low functional plant-based and alternative proteins, and upcycling of perishable food by-products using 3D-food printing. Partners in the consortium will have an active role in defining the direction of the project. More importantly, participants in the project will learn how to create the next-generation of sustainable healthy foods by 3D-printing with a focus on flexible, on-demand food production.

Within SUS-PRINT, partners will have access to a new 3D-food printing set-up allowing the efficient structuring of alternative proteins with improved process control and material handling capabilities well suited for the types of ingredients required in creating the next generation sustainable foods. The SUS-PRINT consortium representing important key stakeholders in the food industry will work together to overcome crucial issues to accelerate the availability of sustainable, 3D-printed plant-based and alternative protein foods.

Join SUS-Print

We are inviting partners (companies/organizations) who want to contribute to this socially relevant, innovative theme and are looking for opportunities to develop the next generation of sustainable foods. In order to realize and guarantee active participation in the project, a cash and in-kind contribution will be required.

By participating you can give direction to this project, together with experts from two world renowned knowledge institutes (TNO and WFBR). If you are interested, please contact SUS-PRINT.

Together we can make a difference!