WDCC News Q4: Data Science Research

Data Management and the Wageningen Modelling Group organized the first Wageningen Model and Data Steward Workshop on 24 November. A group of 100 data and model minded colleagues gathered in Akoesticum in Ede. Wouter Hendriks opened the workshop and was positively surprised by the amount and the diversity of participants. Great sessions were organized; from LEGO (metadata for reproducibility) to hybrid modeling. Marta Teperek from TU Delft and Geerten Hengeveld (WUR) gave both very inspiring key notes. It looks like we at WUR are doing a great job on data and model management!

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    The Data Driven & High Tech programme (KB 38) has a renewed setup for 2023/2024. The programme has some good new project leads too. The programme is very important for WUR to reach at some point the phase of ‘digitally alignment’, where human and machine intelligence come together. The overall setup of the programme is shown in the figure below:

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    On 13 and 14 December the Digital Twin Conference ‘Bringing Digital Twins to Life’ was organized to celebrate the finalization of this WUR investment programme. A nice programme was developed with presentations of many digital twin activities throughout WUR, but for all with the flagships and platforms in the spotlight. More than 200 registered guests are expected. More in the next newsletter!

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    As a follow up of the investment theme we are working on setting up a Digital Twin Community. Do you feel like this community can’t exist without you, please send Jene van der Heide an email.

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