Projects Agromere

The Wageningen UR team which is working on Agromere is also involved in urban agriculture outside this project.

Ontwikkelcentrum Stadslandbouw Almere (OSA)

In 2011, together with CAH Almere, Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Flevoland (OMFL) and Witteveen+Bos, it launched Ontwikkelcentrum Stadslandbouw Almere [Urban Agriculture Almere Development Centre] (OSA). OSA plans to further initiate, promote and shape urban agriculture in Almere.

City network urban agriculture

In order to give urban agriculture more body at national level too, in 2010 the team joined 15 towns to set up the city network for urban agriculture. This network is a platform enabling urban professionals to share knowledge and experiences and put urban agriculture on the local and national agenda.

Survey local food production Almere

In 2010, the Agromere team investigated for Almere how much food can be produced locally for the future city with 350,000 inhabitants. It also studied how this local production contributes to the reduction of food miles and greenhouse gas emissions (see publications).

Nieuwe Warande

In 2009, it worked closely with the design team of De Nieuwe Warande: d’n landbouwhof in Tilburg. The design by local parties in collaboration with the Brabantse Milieufederatie [Brabant Environment Federation] inspired the municipality of Tilburg to incorporate urban agriculture in its vision for De Nieuwe Warande in Tilburg Noord. The municipality is currently working on substantiating this vision.

Other studies and initiatives

In Leeuwarden, the team has joined up with AOC Friesland to study how local food production can play a role in strengthening the district of Heechterp-Schieringen.

The team is helping CAH Almere develop its new educational programme Nature Ecology and Living Environment (NEL) which trains urban ‘green’ professionals.

One of the team members (Esther Veen) is engaged in PhD research into how local food production contributes to social cohesion in local communities and districts.