Welcome to Agromere, the virtual urban-rural district in Almere (NL)

Agriculture within an urban framework is the wave of the future!
This vision of urban development, formulated by Wageningen UR, does justice to the concept of “People, Planet & Profit”: it offers urban as well as rural communities a sustainable solution for the issues involved in urban development.

New vision of urban development

The Municipality of Almere is receptive to the opportunities offered by urban-rural development. Together with stakeholders and Wageningen UR, Almere is working on an urban expansion plan based on an innovative environment for working and living in which urban and agricultural elements are integrated with each other.

Field of tulips Almere

Perspective for everyone

In Agromere, the name of the virtual district, the opportunities and benefits provided by this new type of integration are being worked out in more detail. Urban and rural elements merge with each other, providing perspectives for all parties concerned. The “urban” residents benefit from increased opportunities for health care recreation and after school care of children on a farm, a greener living environment, and fresh products every day at the expense of fewer “food kilometres” (less impact on the environment). For the agricultural sector, benefits include a closer link with urban residents and greater involvement in regional development plans, which translates into greater continuity in terms of business operations.
Wonen, tekening

Getting down to work

The enthusiasm of the municipality and stakeholders is great. In 2009, Almere specified in its Concept Structure Vision (Almere 2.0) that urban agriculture is one of the major aspects of the Almere Oosterwold neighbourhood to be developed on the north-eastern side of the city. In January 2010, the Dutch government gave the green light to the execution of this Structure Vision. The municipality is currently examining which follow-up steps are necessary in order to achieve the desired development of Almere Oosterwold.