Past MSc theses

Below, an overview is provided of the MSc thesis reports produced by students who did an MSc thesis at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group in the past years. Please contact the secretary if you would like to see them. Contact Sarahi Nuñez Ramos or Jana Verboom for more information.

Past MSc theses


  • Tabea Müller: The potential of tiny forests' regulating ecosystem services for urban climate challenges: quantifying the effects in the Netherlands

  • Seth Ansah: Exploring ecosystem services of green-blue infrastructure and nature-based solutions in Koforidua, Ghana
  • Nina Galle: This or that? Defining environmental objectives in the design of a results-based agri-environmental contract: The case of grasslands in Voeren, Belgium
  • Sanne Floor Apperloo: A way to recover mangroves in the Thai Trat province
  • Eva Varkevisser: North Sea of opportunities: exploration of low-trophic aquaculture's potential contribution to nature-development and restoration in offshore windfarms
  • Victoria Miles Hidalgo: A systematic review on climate smart agriculture in the central and tropical Andes
  • Simone Tanis: Modelling climate change adaptation effects on sustainability of agricultural systems under various irrigation regimes: a case study for Twente
  • Jesús Bacete Sanz: Building an evidence base of nature-based solutions' transversality
  • Jauke van Nijen: Implementing an extended producer responsibility scheme to attain a sustainable fishing gear system
  • Robert Mussgnug: Temperature-induced shifts in the sex ratios of two North Sea flatfish species (Pleuronectes Platessa and Limanda Limanda) over space and time
  • Anandi Sarita Namasivayam: Impacts of forest-cover change on the dynamics of ecosystem services in the Indian Nilgiri Biosphere
  • Ralitsa Shentova: Nature in times of Corona: associations of nearby greenery with mental wellbeing during COVID-19
  • Gerdine Frens: Evaluation of eco-labels from an ecosystem-services supply perspective
  • Alejandro Basa Benavides: An initial ABM description of Benidorm's water system
  • Diede Tessemaker: The role of human diets, trade, circularity and efficiency in reducing nitrogen, phosphorus and greenhouse gas emissions from Dutch agriculture
  • Rik van Steekelenburg: Assessing the greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of companies with net-zero emission commitments
  • Nasim Pourahad Anzabi: Vertical greenery systems in Dutch urban areas: ecosystem services, key actors, drivers and barriers
  • Yue Song: Enhancing benefits of green infrastructure in business parks by focusing on the synergy park Innofase, Duiven
  • Yuning Zhang: The feasibility of green roofs from three different perspectives in Beijing
  • Charlotte van Haren: Will all trees go up in flames? Assessing forest-fire risks in Vietnam with the ICLUE model
  • Bas de Jongh: Applicability of the Dutch Natural Capital Accounts in municipal policy making
  • Anastasiia Bushovska: Socio-cultural assessment of peatland ecosystem services in Ukrainian Volyn Oblast for more sustainable regional peatland management
  • Johanna Schijvenaars: Factors influencing adoption of best management practices by coffee smallholders on Mt. Elgon, Eastern Uganda
  • Julia Graefen: Climate change effects on the Wadi Mujib Catchment in Jordan and adaptation of the water supply sector of Amman
  • Ilse Postma: Where to go tiny? Comparing locations for tiny houses in The Netherlands
  • Anqi Yuan: The effects of dam removal programs on ecosystem service supply by watershed – case study of Sélune river in France
  • Nafil Rabbani Attamimi: The effectiveness of tropical peatland management strategies to mitigate greenhouse-gases emissions
  • Daixuan Yuan: meta-analysis on the value of coastal protective services: the relevance of economic valuation methods and economic prosperity
  • Yue Huang: Integrated Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Nature Restoration Plan for Farm La Junquera in Southern Spain
  • Orpah Magaya: Comparative analysis of agri-environmental schemes in Swiss grassland farming: conditions of implementation and potential effects on biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Lei Bao: The Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) Account for a Specific Chemical Factory in Shanghai, and EP&L's Contribution to Chinese Corporation's Environmental Management and Scientific Rigour
  • Sezim Yertayeva: Assessing ecosystem services and their provision under different management scenarios in Ile-Alatau National Park
  • Antonia Elvers: Evaluating indicators for Result-based Agri-Environment-Climate measures: breeding farm-birds in Münsterland, Germany
  • Claudia Espejo Valle – Inclán: Water and energy saving measures in the Benidorm's hotel sector
  • Andrea Rosso: Women-friendly bike infrastructures in Turin: assessing requirements and strategies for a gender-inclusive bike system and its potential impact on the air quality
  • Josephine Kooij: Modelling the long-term immobilization and release of zinc in agricultural soils
  • George Chanarin: Quantifying the effect diversification of farming systems has upon economic viability

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