Past MSc theses

Below, an overview is provided of the MSc thesis reports produced by students who did an MSc thesis at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group in the past years. Please contact the secretary if you would like to see them. Contact Sarahi Nuñez Ramos or Jana Verboom for more information.

Past MSc theses


  • Emma de Haas: Comparing the functioning of ecological and societal networks
  • Lampros Tasiopoulos: Spatial-Temporal Modelling of Air Pollution. Focus on wood combustion from residential areas in the Netherlands
  • Joost van Heiningen: An evaluation of sustainability assessments of food systems
  • Enya Ramírez del Valle: How does landscape restoration in La Junquera farm affect pollination & biological control services by insects on almond cultivation
  • Ziqing Ye: Multi-pollutant assessment for China
  • Maarten van Doorn: Temporal trends and spatial variability of foliar nutrients in Europe
  • Bart van Valenberg: Shaping a zero emission energy system for the EU
  • Carolijn Oudshoorn: The challenges and opportunities of a circular flow of packaging plastics. A study at retail business park Centerpoort-Nieuwgraaf, Duiven
  • Mira Franzen: Impact of management activities on the mangrove ecosystem service potential in Gazi Bay, Kenya


  • Daan van Wieringen: The impact of sluice management on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Haringvliet
  • Sven van Best: Effects of land-use changes on ecosystem services and monetary values of tropical forest areas near Manaus and Coari, in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Yu-Shiuan Cheng: Effects of crop management measures on soil-carbon sequestration, crop yield and environment
  • Sayidjakhon Khasanov: Assessment of desert extension and soil salinity in Mirzachul Steppe, Uzbekistan
  • Karen Meza Constantino: Exploring groundwater viral transport: modelling viral emissions from pit latrines
  • Natalie Orentlicher: Carbon, palms and peat. Assessing the environmental and economic sustainability of sago for the carbon emissions reduction of Indonesian peatlands
  • Umidkhon Uzbekov: Predicting the impact of future climate change on streamflow in Chirchik River BASIN using the SWAT model
  • Gwenno Talfryn: Evaluating models assessing changes in copper and zinc reactivity in soils
  • Twan Cals: Modelling annual river export of particulate matters in Europe
  • Niek Koelen: A statistical analysis of Eschericia coli concentrations in the Pakistani Kabul river
  • Jorrit Herrera Farfàn: Impacts of fire and haze on agricultural productivity in indonesia after the fires of 2015
  • David Fosu-Asante: Integrated cost-benefit analysis of nature conservation and sheep herding in the Sierra de Maria-Los Velez Natural Park, south-eastern Spain
  • Nur Rezki Hajar: The Potential Effects of Marine Litter on Tourism at Kuta Beach, Bali: A Systemic Analysis
  • Luigi Scoppola: Integrated cost-benefit analysis of a multifunctional and regenerative farming system in dryland, south-east Spain
  • Marlieke Smit: Exploring intergenerational attitudes toward glacier retreat in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley, France
  • Silke Mooldijk: Identifying inaccessible GHG emission reduction technologies. In the context of decarbonisation, ambition and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement
  • Xibei Zhang: Public preferences for ecosystem services of small urban green infrastructures in Guangzhou, China
  • Senhao Wang: Are cities meeting the climate goals they set themselves?
  • Wieke Vervuurt: Modelling GHG emissions of cacao production at plot level in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
  • Dewi du Long: On the desirability of solar energy storage
  • Aimilia Paraschou: Integrated cost-benefit analysis of conventional and regenerative almond monoculture in the drylands of south-east Spain
  • Hannah Schütte: Bridging the knowledge gap: the influence of soil properties on ecosystem services in the Netherlands
  • Istiqomah Zamani: How does land reclamation affect mangrove ecosystem services in Kendari Bay, south-east Sulawesi
  • Siyu Chen: Ecosystem services and monetary benefits of three public green spaces in Guangzhou, China for better planning of urban green infrastructure
  • Sarah Mourad: Selection and assessment of Ecosystem Service Indicators to Monitor the Effect of Regenerative Agriculture in Southern Spain
  • Clara Sarpong: Implications of government ban on small-scale gold mining. A case study of Tarkwa, Ghana
  • Sekar Kinasih: Impacts of sanitation development to human Rotavirus emissions to surface water in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Laura Schumacher: Projections of global and regional nutrient flows from farm to fork
  • Malte Lessmann: Assessing the potential of agricultural management measures on soil carbon sequestration by meta-analysis
  • Martijn van Santen: Designing green policy scenarios for the tourism industries of India and the EU
  • Shakhzoda Umarova: How to overcome the challenges to introduce payments for ecosystem services in Ugam Chatkal National Nature Park?
  • Alp Çakir: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the ecosystem services of green roofs in urban areas
  • Ruben Keizer: Company commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Leo Woohyun Joe: Modelling viral emissions from pit latrines to groundwater
  • Pien van Berkel: Realizing a just transition to gas-free heating in the Dutch social housing sector. Integration of energy poverty considerations into decision-making
  • Chuan Ma: Reducing river export of nutrients from sub-basins to Lake Dianchi in the future
  • Nina Zaadnoordijk: Modelling rotavirus concentrations in rivers worldwide: simulating current and future concentrations

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