Summer School Dairy Nutrition and Health

Are you interested in engaging with experts who have both scientific knowledge and practical experience in the world of dairy? Do you want to know more about dairy products, in relation to the current interest for plant based diets? Are you eager to learn how processing affects nutrient values of dairy products? Interested translating dairy science into relevant practice? Then this interactive Summer School on dairy nutrition and health is the right programme for you.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 10 days

This programme will be scheduled again summer 2023.
You can already show your interest. 

Why follow this Summer School?

By attending this programme you will;

  • Understand current and future trends in the world of dairy science
  • Learn about the role processing plays in creating safe, stable and nutritious products
  • Understand the effects of breeding, feeding and farm management on milk quality
  • Expand your knowledge in the area of nutrition and health
  • Explore the concept of circular dairy farming
  • Expand your knowledge on sustainable diets
  • Connect with knowledge experts and like-minded participants
This course not only provides knowledge but also provides an opportunity to meet peers, discuss with experts and exchange ideas.
participant 2021 edition

Is this Summer School for you?

This Online Summer School is suitable for food scientists and technologists, nutritionists, dietitians, researchers, working professionals and any other individuals with an interest in dairy nutrition and health.

This programme provides a very systematic and rich knowledge of dairy nutrition and production. I will recommend professionals and students interested in dairy research to participate.
Participant 2021 edition

Programme & topics

The course includes a variety of lectures, knowledge clips, case study presentations and group work. The following topics with regard to dairy nutrition and health will be discussed.

  • The role of milk and dairy products in the human diet
  • Breeding and feeding for health, nutrition and sustainability
  • Processing of dairy products: for safe, stable and nutritious products.
  • From nutrient to nutrition: dairy matrix effects

Stay informed

This programme will be scheduled again summer 2023. You can already show your interest. Questions? Contact Wageningen Academy.