Software and models

Wageningen Environmental Research develops a variety of models, for example, to test the suitability of a habitat for flora or fauna or with which to make harvest forecasts on the basis of meteorological and climate data.

The quality of the models is ensured through a process of continuous improvements and a demonstrable product quality. For product quality, objective and verifiable criteria are developed.
ALTERRAITS – database Koen Kramer Database functional traits
ANIMO Piet Groenendijk Detailed process oriented simulation model for evaluation of nitrate leaching to groundwater, N- and P-loads on surface waters and Green House Gas emission
Bodemkaart van Nederland 1 : 10.000 (inclusief grondwatertrappenkaart) (in Dutch) Joop Okx
CSR - model Koen Kramer A spatially-explicit vegetation dynamics model to analyse the role of functional diversity on the resilience of vegetation to climate change
Database Ecological conditions Wieger Wamelink
DIMO 1.0 (in Dutch) Wieger Wamelink DispersieMOdel includes seed-dispersal mechanisms for plants via wind and animals, and effect of habitat suitability, biomass in grasslands and barriers. Input includes a seed-bank map and a chance-of-occurrence map
EFISCEN incl. EFISCEN database Gert-Jan Nabuurs
EFISCEN-space Geerten Hengeveld
FOCUS_PEARL v 4.4.4 Erik van den Berg
FOCUS_TOXSWA v 3.3.1 Wim Beltman
ForGEM Koen Kramer A spatially explicit, individual tree model on genetics, ecology and management of forests
Geomorfologische Kaart van Nederland 1 : 50.000 (in Dutch) Gilbert Maas
GLOBIO-MAR database Jana Verboom
LARCH Theo van der Sluis
Graadmeter Natuurwaarde Agrarisch Gebied (NAG) Bart de Knegt
INITIATOR (in Dutch) Gert Jan Reinds
Landelijke Vegetatiedatabase (in Dutch) Stephan Hennekens
MASTEP Paul van den Brink
MetaNP 2.0 Rogier Pouwels
MITERRA Jan Peter Lesschen Environmental assessment model dat emissies van nutriënten en broeikasgassen uit de landbouw berekent op ruimtelijke schaal. Kan worden gebruikt in scenario studies of voor het doorrekenen van effecten van beleid.
PLEASE (in Dutch) Caroline van der Salm
SIMGRO-raamwerk Paul van Walsum
SWAP Marius Heinen Soil Water Atmosphere Plant; hydrology of top system as base for solute transport, regional flow and crop growth
VSD+ Gert Jan Reinds
Waterwise Paul van Walsum


This modelling software can be used in all projects and assignments. Its quality is safeguarded by a proces of continuous improvement and by product certification.


So far, this modelling software has only been used in the projects for which it was developed. Its quality cannot yet be safeguarded and its applicability in a different context has to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.