Smart customised nutrition and health

Nutrition and health

From children and the elderly to people with a food allergy: with tailor-made nutrition consumers start – and keep on - eating healthier food. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research enables the development of scientifically proven products and services for specific target groups and individuals.

Target-group-specific nutrition

A personalized shopping list, with protein-enriched products, for the elderly. An existing recipe translated to a personalized recipe, for people with food allergies. When it comes to Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, in just five years 'customized food' has become the most normal thing in the world.

Young or old, healthy or ill: more and more people need trustworthy, scientifically-proven advice; and preferably advice that fits their health, personality and social environment. The threshold for (sustained) healthy eating is indeed getting much lower. The rise of wearables and artificial intelligence offers plenty of opportunities for large-scale applications. Target group-specific and personalized nutrition are good additions to generic health campaigns and can accelerate the change to a healthy lifestyle.

Scientifically proven

There are plenty of opportunities for ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers, app builders and the government to create added value with personalized food. Imagine apps that help adolescents become and stay healthier. Or lifestyle programs that help older people stay active longer. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research provides advice based on the latest scientific insights and uses its network to bring innovations to the market. Wageningen experts have a great deal of knowledge about the food choices and eating behaviour of special groups of consumers such as the elderly, people with chronic intestinal complaints or food allergies, and children. They have conducted much research into the health effects of foodstuffs (ingredients) - both for target groups and for individuals. In addition, knowledge is available about how to interpret digital nutritional data and how nutritional scientific knowledge can be translated into tailor-made advice. We are also working on new methods for measuring health, and pioneering techniques such as 3D printing. Customized food can thus be produced on site, for example in the supermarket, or restaurant, or at the consumer’s home.