Nutrition to improve health status

Nutrition to improve health status

Products that are shown by scientific research to really contribute to the health of the consumer: more and more consumers are motivated to buy them. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research offers companies knowledge, insights and tools to identify ingredients, products and concepts with scientifically-supported health effects.

Novel food dossier

Does this dietary fiber improve people’s intestinal health? Is a product with a sugar-substitute ingredient healthy? And which recipe is suitable for people with food allergies? Whoever wants to bring healthy products and ingredients to the market, comes up against questions that are not so easy to answer. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research helps companies to understand and substantiate the (personalized) health effects of ingredients, products and dietary approaches. This increases the likelihood that health claims and novel food dossiers will be approved by EFSA, and thus achieve success in the market.

From literature research to clinical trial

From literature research, biochemical analysis and human intervention study to scientifically supported novel food dossiers: Wageningen experts offer support throughout the innovation process. For many years we have conducted clinical research for special target groups such as the elderly, children or people with food allergies. Through our experience, we know exactly how to examine the health effects of micro and macro ingredients; for example those of carbohydrates and fibers on intestinal health and the immune system, or those of fats and fatty acids on cognition. We also investigate how individuals respond to ingredients and products, including through challenge testing.

Health effects in health and disease

The health effects of foods (ingredients) in healthy and/or sick people are the starting point for various studies coordinated by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research. To what extent does the quality of life in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) improve through targeted nutrition? This question is central to the IBSQutrition project (2017-2021). Insights and tools with which companies can develop proven healthy, fiber-enriched foods are the results of FibeBiotics (2012-2016): in this European project, with 17 partners, in addition to biochemical analyzes, numerous digestion and fermentation studies were conducted.

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