Internship with the Cultural Geography Group

An internship is a compulsory part of every master programme at Wageningen University & Research. During the internship you learn how to introduce your academic knowledge to the practical field of your future professional career.

An internship allows you to a) fully participate at an academic level in an organisation that is professionally engaged in leisure, tourism, regional development or planning issues, and b) reflect on the choices they make professionally.


In general, each student is responsible to find an appropriate internship him/herself, as it also shows motivation and responsibility expected from a Master student. However, (guest) lecturers and alumni (see the link to our Alumni group on LinkedIn on the right side of the page) are an invaluable source of ideas for internship opportunties or contacts that might lead to the placement you are looking for. The internship coordinator may also assist you in finding internships. In certain circumstances, it may be advisable to link internship with your MSc thesis.

When you have a placement in mind, contact your internship coordinator to make sure that it satisfies the prerequisties for an academic internship of your study programme. The interhship coordinator will also help you to get in touch with supervisors with expertise in the particular field of study.

An important step is to fill in the internship contract, which has to be signed by you, your supervisor at Wageningen University & Research and your supervisor in the internship organisation.

Consult the latest internship guidelines (on the right of this page) for all the details on how to do your internship with GEO.