MSc thesis

The MSc thesis (36 credits) is an important components in every MSc programme. The MAQ-thesis is part of the following MSc programmes: Earth and Environment (MEE, specialisation Meteorology and Air Quality), Environmental Sciences (MES) and Climate Studies (MCL, specialisations The Physical Climate and Biogeochemical Cycles). Besides, you can include a minor thesis (e.g. 24 credits) on an MAQ topic if you are in another MSc programme (provided you meet the requirements)

Most practical information on the way the thesis is organised in MAQ can be found in the thesis course guide (see link to the right). Both for your own planning, and that of your supervisor, you are advised to start your search for a thesis topic well before your expected starting data (2-3 months). Please contact the thesis coordinator (Michiel van der Molen) for information on the procedure. Furthermore, he may help you to find an appropriate topic and supervisor.

To help you in selecting the MAQ courses that prepare you best for certain thesis themes (topics), please consult the document 'Relation thesis themes and courses MAQ' that is appropriate for your programme (see links to the right). You study adviser has these overviews as well.