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Agri Commodity Traders & sustainability

Retailers, food & beverage producers and consumers are increasingly demanding traceability information on product origins and sustainable production. They want a variety of questions answered, such as: does your supply chain have poor labour conditions at farms or processors sites? What are the carbon emissions of your products? Do any links exist with deforestation and if so, how can these be improved?

At the same time, future developments such as climate change will define your supply of agri products. Some areas will be severely affected by lower productivity levels caused by droughts or more intense pest control. How can you effectively manage these risks or pro-actively improve the resilience of farmers?

Sustainable trade: gaining more transparency and sustainability in the agri commodity chain

We give you refreshing insights into these questions and more in five proven steps. Whether you choose to use our expertise in all five steps or less, our sustainability management cycle brings you closer to achieving your sustainability goals. We work in variety of supply chains (such as tea, cacao, coffee, palm oil, soy) and on all continents.

Develop and review strategy

1. Develop & review your sustainability strategy

We sharpen your sustainability goals. Building on our sector and sustainability knowledge, we explore and prioritize the topics that need to be addressed and suggest focus on specific regions and supply chains (e.g. the effects of deforestation on the environment in obtaining palm oil in Indonesia).

We can also carry out scans that provide insight into the status of your current sustainability performance, such as chain analyses. This results in a high-level roadmap that guides your next steps.

Products that help you define your strategy:

Improvement plan

2. Sustainability improvement plan

Based on your roadmap, we will formulate concrete improvement options, such as training and other capacity-building exercises with tea farmers, to improve sustainable production. We will also provide a set of recommended interventions that have been ex-ante tested for financial cost-benefits, expected support and impact.

Products that provide you with a concrete action plan:

Integrated monitoring system

3. Integrated sustainability monitoring

As soon as the interventions are in place, we will measure the progress (annually, monthly or in real-time). We can monitor sustainability at a trader portfolio level or focus on specific (high-risk) rural areas (e.g. improvements in working conditions, de/reforestation, farm incomes and farm productivity).

We can provide a monitoring system that tracks the different steps towards sustainable improvement, from financial investment and the reach of farm programmes to the actual impact on carbon emissions, rural livelihoods and the overall sustainability profile or portfolio.

Our monitors are delivered regularly in the form of reports and presentations. We also provide tailored dashboards and apps that show your real-time progress. You can easily share the output with your partners.

Products that keep you informed:


4. Implementation

During implementation, we can help you develop training programmes and other capacity-building exercises that can have a positive impact on environmentally-friendly farming. We can also facilitate dialogues in the value chain to address actionable improvements.

Products that indicate what is happening and why:

Impact evaluation

5. Sustainability impact evaluation

Finally, we can determine the extent to which you have achieved your sustainability goals and whether you can link specific outcomes (e.g. improved working conditions) to the interventions. This will help you draw the right conclusions.

We can also shed light on the cost-effectiveness of the interventions Based on our extensive experience in executing robust mid-term and year-end evaluations, we can apply up-to-date techniques for conducting an independent, rigorous evaluation.

The insights provide evidence whether you are closer to reaching your goal or whether you have to adjust your sustainability plan. Here, we strike the right balance between societal impact, investments and financial gains

Products that tell you to what extent you achieved your goals: