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Agri commodities & sustainable landscapes

Retailers, food & beverage producers and consumers are increasingly demanding traceability information on product origins and sustainable production. They want a variety of questions answered, such as: does your supply chain have poor labour conditions at farms or processors sites? What are the carbon emissions of your products? Do any links exist with deforestation and if so, how can these be improved?

At the same time, future developments such as climate change will define your supply of agri products. Some areas will be severely affected by lower productivity levels caused by droughts or more intense pest control. How can you effectively manage these risks or pro-actively improve the resilience of farmers?

Catalyse sustainable agri trade by gaining more transparency in global product flows and developing focused intervention strategies in production areas.

Our robust research, sector knowledge and scalable tools bring you closer to achieving your sustainability goals. We work in variety of supply chains, such as tea, cacao, coffee, palm oil, soy, and on all continents.

1. Scanning sustainable profiles

We scan sustainability risks and impact hotspots of agri flows based on best available (public) data.


2. On-the-ground interventions

We target improvement for high impact or risk areas. How? By developing intervention strategies at agri production and landscape level.


3. Food system interventions

We facilitate sustainable change in agri commodity value chains by assessing policy impact and designing policies.