PPP Circular bio economy

PPP Circular bio economy

A consortium of thirteen companies and knowledge institutions joined their forces in the public-private partnership “Circular bio economy”. Optimal resource use efficiency and the use of co-products and residuals in a safe and sustainable way are primary goals.

A circular economy is based on closed nutrient cycles and minimised loss of raw material (biomass). The various biomass components should be used efficient and with optimal added value.

Key role of the feed industry

High-value biobased components are usually available in small volumes. There is a great challenge to also optimise the use of large volumes of co-products and biomass residues from the biobased and food industry. The feed industry is taking up this challenge. This sector is able to upgrade such co-products and residues, in a safe and sustainable way. And feed applications are well-positioned in the so-called “value-pyramid”.


The program is a public-private partnership (PPP) within the Dutch Topsector Agri&Food (TKI-AF-17027).