Wetenschappelijk onderzoek Wageningen Food Safety Research

Scientific research

In addition to the detection and measurement of substances, Wageningen Food Safety Research also performs high-quality scientific research.

Method development

Wageningen Food Safety Research must have the best methods for measuring and detecting substances in food, feed, fertilisers and the environment. We are therefore continuously working on developing new methods to be able to analyse more substances better, faster and cheaper.

Tracing food fraud

Wageningen Food Safety Research also traces cases of food fraud. We do this by determining the composition of a product and by assessing the manner in which a product has been produced and where it comes from.

Investigating the harmful effects of substances on people and animals

Wageningen Food Safety Research looks at the possible negative effects that substances and ingredients may have on people and animals in order to assess the safety of products. We develop laboratory models that simulate and measure the digestion, absorption and toxic and other effects of substances in our bodies. This allows us to make a substantiated assessment of the harmful effects that a substance may have.

The safe production of food

Large-scale innovations are taking place in the agricultural and food sectors involving primary production processes as well as the transport, storage, processing and preparation of food and feed. Wageningen Food Safety Research closely monitors these developments, analyses their impact and contributes its knowledge to ensure the safe production of food.